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Arkansas solar panel installer

Solar Grid Tie

We aim to design a system that will address 100% of your annual energy demands. Customers only pay a $15 to $25 service charge to their utility each month!


Grid-tie solar is designed to offset the amount of energy you receive from your existing power provider. The system works in conjunction with the “grid,” and excess production from your solar panels is recorded at your meter and then applied to your bill at the end of the billing cycle.   


Battery storage and backup power may be added at any time for partial to full home backup power.


Solar + Storage
(Hybrid System)

Hybrid inverters give you the best of both worlds in solar for your home. It’s a grid-tie system that lowers or eliminates your electric bill through net metering, and it’s a standby generator quietly making its own fuel in case of a grid outage.


Solar Structures

We offer a variety of solar structure solutions to fit your property and the surrounding environment including:


  • Ground mounts

  • Seasonably adjustable top-of-pole mounts

  • Active trackers

  • Roof-mount racking

  • Ballasted arrays for flat rooftops

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