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About New Farm Solar

Arkansas solar panel installer
Arkansas solar panel installer

Our Story

New Farm Solar was formed in 2014 by owner/operator Patrick Villines. We are an Arkansas-based solar installation company that is one of few companies in Arkansas certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP®), the industry gold standard for PV certifications. 


New Farm Solar is backed by nearly two decades of knowledge and experience, with over 500+ solar installations, ranging from grid-tie to hybrid battery backup to completely off-grid systems. Each of our customers is guaranteed a quality turn-key product designed specifically to meet their needs. New Farm Solar is a team of dedicated, well-trained, and skilled professionals that do not work off of sales commissions but instead prioritize delivering the best systems for the best price.


New Farm Solar provides custom-designed battery storage and stand-alone systems, with over half of their installs containing some type of battery backup. With an in-depth understanding of solar energy, our grid-tie systems are more flexible and buildable and focus on efficiency and simplicity for a long-lasting, durable, and low-maintenance system.


Beginnings of New Farm Solar


Patrick began his career in 2006 working for an Arkansas solar pioneer, Jimis Damet, along with business partner Flint Richter. Jimis and Flint were both NABCEP certified for solar installations and two of only three certified professionals in Arkansas at the time. Jimis’ company, Rocky Grove Sun Company, formed in 1985, was the go-to solar installation company for the state’s residences and businesses of North and Northwest Arkansas for many years. RGSC focused mainly on off-grid systems and later adapted into battery grid-tie systems and grid-tie battery-less systems to offset energy consumption as they became more common. 


Patrick was exposed to unique and complex solar installations through his first years working under these two highly experienced installers in the ever-changing solar industry. Patrick eventually earned his certification in 2013 to install solar under the North American Board of Certified Electrical Practitioners, or NABCEP, for PV installations (cert:# 042013-141). Currently, Patrick is one of only five NABCEP-certified installers in the state with a PVIP (Photovoltaic Installation Professional) certification for solar installations.


With the unfortunate passing of Jimis in August of 2014, Rocky Grove Sun Company closed its doors. Jimis was a great leader and friend, and he is greatly missed. He helped build amazing careers for two wonderful families.


Patrick has worked hard to establish a company with a reputation for integrity and reliability. New Farm Solar stands behind each installation with a 25-year warranty. 

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