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Arkansas off grid solar

Our Inverters

SMA inverter New Farm Solar

SMA Sunny Boy String Inverter (with secure power supply)

The most cost-effective option for grid-tie solar, the Sunny Boy outperforms microinverters in full sun and 15% shading through ShadeFix technology. Inherently, string inverters keep the sensitive electronic parts of a solar electric system off the roof, avoiding exposure to the harsh environmental conditions. Only rugged solar panels and racking remain on the rooftop. String inverters also work best for ground-mounted arrays that can be located long distances from the home. We commonly place ground arrays 300-500 feet away. SMA’s ShadeFix technology uses software rather than hardware to mitigate shading issues without the need for the deployment of roof mounted devices per panel. Heavy shading sometimes requires the use of these devices. Adding Tigo’s DC Optimizers to only the shaded panels will work independently to keep the shade from affecting the system’s performance. These will also allow for individual panel monitoring if desired.


  • Lower maintenance through simpler design and with less components.

  • Keeps the sensitive parts of the system off of the roof.

  • Available add-ons for custom site design and optimization.

  • Each inverter includes a free secure power supply, which provides 2,000 watts of backup power when the grid is down (panels must be exposed to sunlight for this feature to work).

  • Comes with a 10-year product warranty (extendable to 25 years) and free system monitoring.

Enphase® Micro Inverter plus sunlight backup

Micro inverters are used as an alternative to string inverters for grid-tie systems and are a great option for rooftops with complicated designs or multiple orientations. They’re also used in areas with heavy shading. The Enphase® micro inverter allows for individual monitoring and includes sunlight backup. • The IQ8+ with added auto transfer and other components can supply up to 8,000 watts of backup power, depending on array size, during daytime hours (unlike the SMA’s secure power supply, added components are necessary for this function).

  • Individual monitoring per array.

  • Comes with a 25-year product warranty and free monitoring.

Enphase Micro Inverter New Farm Solar
Sol-Ark New Farm Solar inverter

Sol-Ark Hybrid Inverter

A single 12k Sol-Ark unit can deliver up to 12,000 watts for on-grid selling or off-grid use with an added ac coupled string or micro inverter. To use as a grid-tie inverter with backup capability, simply add any 48V battery for 8,000 watts of backup power with surge capability.


  • DC coupled for the highest efficiency.

  • Stackable for larger backup and grid-tie selling capability.

  • Simply add a battery for 8,000 watts of continuous backup power.

  • Free monitoring through PV Pro • Comes with a 10-year product warranty.


Outback Power™ off-grid/grid-tie inverter with backup

Simply the best inverter for off-grid or large backup systems powering your whole home, these inverters are also grid-tie capable for lowering your energy bills. Outback Power™ inverters offer a flexible, buildable approach with multiple functions for use with multiple battery chemistries at 48VDC.


  • The strongest hybrid inverter on the market.

  • Field serviceable and can be operated remotely.

  • Interacts with standby generators for charging and running loads only when needed.

  • Free monitoring and control through OpticsRE.

  • Comes with a 5-year product warranty that is extendable to 10 with purchase


OutBack Power New Farm Solar inverter
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