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Arkansas solar panel installer

Our Arrays


SnapNrack™ Solar Mounting Solutions

Roof-mounted arrays offer the lowest cost solution for mounting solar modules. When space on the ground is not available, a roof mount can be the most effective, cleanest option for a homeowner or business.

Solar panel roof mount
Solar panel ground mount

MT Solar Seasonally Adjustable Top-of-Pole Mounts and SnapNRack Fixed Ground Mount Systems

Ground mounted arrays can be located hundreds of feet from the inverter location and home, which can be useful for utilizing areas with better sun if the roof is not ideal. Perfect for an off-grid design, these panels offer much easier access for cleaning. The MT Solar top-of-pole mounts can be adjusted a few times a year for the best solar gain through the seasons and are also easier to mow around and maintain.

Array Technologies

In certain conditions with limited space, active trackers can be used to mitigate battery cycling and lower the needed capacity. These single and dual-axis active motorized trackers follow the sun’s azimuth throughout the day, gaining 35% to 40% more from that of a fixed roof or ground array.

Solar panel trackers Array Technologies
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