Off Grid and Battery Backup Systems

Battery-based grid tie and stand alone systems include a battery bank for storage, either for backup use during an outage, or for daily cycling in an off grid or net zero application.  

There are many types of battery technologies and chemistries available, and choosing the right battery from the start will save time and money.

Flooded lead acid and sealed AGM batteries are one of the most common choices for backup an off grid systems.  FLA's are a good choice if low initial costs are the goal, but require maintenance, monitoring, and generators to obtain their full life expectancy.  Lead acid batteries like to be in a float charge stage 24 hrs, were they are seldom used.  Increasing the size of the solar array by at least 30% will help prevent sulfating of the battery plates.  Some lead acid batteries offer carbon in their chemistries to help prevent sulfating.

Lithium Ion Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have a very long life and require zero maintenance. They are a great choice for stand alone applications and for net zero systems, when net metering is not available.  

Designing a stand alone system requires a careful analysis of your homes loads and time of use.  Please feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation. 

Large grid tie system with battery backup for emergency loads.

Large grid tie system with battery backup for emergency loads.