Lost Valley Canoe. Located on the Buffalo River in Ponca, AR.

Lost Valley Canoe. Located on the Buffalo River in Ponca, AR.

Grid tie systems consist of four main components.  Solar modules, inverter(s), and the racking for the modules and is a fairly simple process to design and install, but must meet code and utility requirements.  Sometimes a fifth component may be used. If shading is a temporary issue for an otherwise useful roof space, we can fit an individual panel with a power optimizer to mitigate shade losses.  Some system brands require these optimizers, or micro inverters for every module.  While this gives the home or business owner the ability to monitor each panel individually, the overall cost is higher, and there are more parts to fail.  Our SMA inverter systems give you the choice to use or not to use optimizers, and can be added to any or all modules at any time.  Free monitoring is available for all of these products.

Our grid tie systems come with backup power!  The SMA-America inverters come with a secure power supply for use during the daytime in a grid outage.  With a simple flick of a switch, your array will povide up to 2,000 watt of usable power during daylight ours without a battery.  This is unbalanced power and may not be used on larger items such as refrigerators, freezers, heat pumps, etc. But with the addition of an AC coupled Battery based inverter and battery bank, which can be added later, your system can be later transformed to a battery based grid tie "hybrid" system.

To properly size a system for an existing business or home, all that we need is the address for the proposed solar site and the last 12-24 months of your kWh usage, which can be easily obtained from your energy provider with a simple phone call.  From there we can provide you with an online site analysis, which will include all derates form temperature loss, orientation of the array, shading, soiling, and all other losses form realtime operation to give you an accurate assessment of what the long term production will be.  


Tax rebates and other incentives are available.  The 30% Federal investment tax incentive(ITC) for business and residential, will pay for 30% percent of the total cost of the system.  This incentive will start to taper off after 2019.  

Depreciation with the new tax bill, solar electric systems can be depreciated 100% in the first year, or by 85% if the 30% ITC is used in conjunction.

USDA's REAP Program, or Renewable Energy for America Program, offers a 25% grant, and loan guarantees, to qualifying rural business's.  For example, a poultry farm could have over 55% of there system paid for, and thats not including the 85% depreciation.  


Financing:   We offer 0% down financing!  Just ask us and we can help you fill out an application for finance of a solar system for your home or business.