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A 25kWp residential inverter system in Maumelle, AR

A 25kWp residential inverter system in Maumelle, AR


Sizing a system for your home is easy.  Simply provide your last 12-24 months of kWh usage, along with the address the solar is to be placed, and we will provide a detailed online quote with a visual layout.  We will give you the maximum allowable solar for your site to get you as close to 100% as possible, along with different mounting options if your roof is not optimal or large enough.  We will also provide a second option to help lower your usage with options to add later.

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THE INVERTER WITH THE MOST OPTIONS: SMA-America inverters are the most diverse grid tie inverters on the market.  SMA's Sunny Boy series is the only GT inverter with a secure power supply (SPS), an outlet that will give you access to your solar energy during an outage. 

SMA-America's Power + Solution (MLPE) is a flexible option that works to mitigate shade losses and/or provide individual module monitoring. These optimizers are only necessary if partial shade is a problem.  If only one module has partial shade, one MLPE(Module Level Power Electronics/DC Optimizer) can be fitted to that one effected module.  Other brands of inverters with MLPE's, such as SolarEdge's DC Optimizers or Enphase's micro inverters, require a MLPE device for every module in order for the entire system to operate.  This is not the case for SMA.  

We do also install Solaredge with DC optimizers.  For common residential systems, every module will need to have a DC Optimizer in order for the system to operate.  This system is a good choice for sites with multiple shade issues, such as dormers, shade trees, overhangs, etc, or when the array needs to be cut up in smaller arrays facing different directions.  If one panel in a string of modules gets shaded in a string inverter setup, the full string will not operate.  DC optimizers isolate modules from each other and prevent this problem. Fortunately, SMA's string inverters have the option to add a DC optimizer to the trouble spots, instead of the entire array, lowering the overall cost of the system.  

In full sun, a SMA string inverters are just as efficient as a SolarEdge system.  Some articles on the internet claim otherwise, but they are including shade in their analysis and not including the new power + solutions newly implemented in SMA's inverter.  

Monitoring is available for free in both systems.

Tax rebates and other incentives are available.  The 30% federal investment tax incentive (ITC) for business' and residential, through a tax break that is spread through 10 years if not used in the first, will pay for 30% percent of the total cost of the system.  This incentive will start to taper off after 2019.  

Depreciation with the new tax bill, solar electric systems can be depreciated 100% in the first year, or by 85% if the 30% ITC is used in conjunction during tax time.

USDA's REAP Program, or Renewable Energy for America Program, offers a 25% grant, and loan guarantees, to qualifying rural business's.  For example, a poultry farm could have over 55% of there system paid for, and thats not including the 85% depreciation.  

Financing:   We offer 0% down financing!  Just ask us and we can help you fill out an application for finance of a solar system for your home or business.